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About our bibs

My Little Owl Bib with URL

Little Owl Bibs are made from high quality 100% cotton fabrics and backed with a super-soft micro fleece. Micro fleece is thinner but denser in quality than standard polar fleece and by comparison is more effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. Our micro fleece is anti-pil, meaning that it will not bobble but stays looking like new, wash after wash.
The seams are hidden inside the bib rather than overlocked (that zig-zag stitching seen around the edge of other bandana bibs). This not only looks neater but also means less chance of irritation for your little one. There are no visible knots or fastenings and no sticky-out labels either.
Our bibs are fastened with resin plastic snaps that match the colours in the fabrics. We have found these to be much more durable and secure than metal poppers, which are easily undone by small hands! Each bib has two sets of snaps for an adjustable fit. Labels are discretely placed at the back of the neck and are ironed on rather than sewn in to the seams, so that they don't tickle or irritate the skin. Little Owl Bibs don't curl at the edges like so many shop-bought bibs, which means that they always look smart.
Our standard bibs measure approximately 43cm in width by 22cm in length (from the centre of the top seam to the tip of the point). The choice of snaps provides three different size options, making them generally suitable for children from 3 months to 3 years. However, it goes without saying that all children are different - if you think that you may need a smaller or larger size, please contact us using our contact form.